Creative Ways To Foil Pick Pockets

Now that we know that it’s possible to pickpocket special agents, you might personally want to employ a few tactics to turn away pickpockets. There’s plenty of sound advice out there, but I want to focus on the strange, the silly, and the glittertastic.

Zip It Into Your Undies

Special underwear isn’t just for Mormons. You can keep your valuables close to your haunches with underwear like Clever Travel Companion and the positively Shakespearean Stashitwear (Falstaff approved).

Make Your Stuff Super Ugly

Cover your electronics in Mutant Ninja Turtle stickers, or just plain old tape like this camera that was left behind in a mugging in Brazil. You can also buy a boutique, $62 fake Italian newspaper, or hide it in a plain old bubble mailing envelope.

Make A Decoy/Greeting Card

Turn a dollar store wallet into an experience they may never forget by replacing its innards with the Frankenstein combination of a musical greeting card and a bunch of glitter. It’s the fabulous way to foil a pickpocket.

Revenge Stakeout

If you do fall prey to a pick-pocket turn it into a learning experience for everyone. Commenter suec1 on recommends returning to scene of the crime and watching for someone working the crowd. She and her friends (best to do this with friends) caught to potential perps begin to pick someone’s pocket, ran up behind them and shouted “Ladrones, thieves!” Note: stay safe people.

And after reading all the ways that a jostle, trip, bump, or lost child can result in a picked pocket, I’m about ready to try this.

Good luck out there!




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